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The User window shows basic user security or access levels. This window can be accessed from Housekeeping|System|Access.

The error counter is increased every time that a AMO office is not exited properly. This will happen if the network goes down while a user is in AMO or if a user switches his PC off without exiting from the program. Press the reset button to reset all error counters to zero

The logged check box is checked if a user is currently logged into the data files or did not exit properly. Use the browse button to get a quick overview of the current user status.

The concept of security levels in the AMS program was installed to provide companies with an easy to setup way of allowing certain users into certain portions of the program, while excluding other from confidential areas.  The 6 levels (0-5) of security should provide most users with sufficient versatility to suit there particular requirements.  For some users, however, the need is to exclude or include certain menu options or buttons for their staff.  We have now included a new level 6 function that allows the program administrator to select which functions or buttons are available.  From the 'Housekeeping-System-Access' menu selection select the user to be adjusted.  Reset the user to 'Access Level 6'.  Close the  window.

From the 'Housekeeping- Security' menu selection, W923 choose the user.  With level '6' selected it is possible to switch on or  off any of the  menus or  buttons  shown.  Simply  expand the  tree and  double click  the selected  item to toggle it.    As a new function, the default settings  applicable to levels 0-5 may be applied and then  adjusted to suit users requirements. Select the  'Default Level' and press 'Assign All'. This will set  the user with level 6 to the default functions of  the security level selected.  If further menu items  or buttons need to be adjusted simply expand  the tree and make the adjustments.  Press save  to store the selections. See attached appendix  for default levels.   The change must be made from a machine with level 5 security and becomes effective when the user next access's the program.

Visit our blog for more on-line help and support


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