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Timesheet Configuration

Timesheet Configuration Timesheet configuration W910

The timesheet configuration window allows you to set the various parameters to fit in with your company. Any changes made to parameters in this window will only be implemented on when the jobcard labour is recalculated. Recalculation will only be done on open jobs. New rates will not change old jobs.

There are three different rates that can be used. They are normal time (rate1) and two overtime rates (rate2 & rate3). The factors set to these rates will be used to calculate the selling rate for overtime labour. ie. If Rate 2 is set at 1.5 the selling price for labour will be 150% of the normal rate.

The hours per day indicates the number of normal hours per day. This can be used to ensure that all timesheets are received and that the correct amount of hours is booked. Normal hours must be booked on all working days as checked in the "Working days group"

Leave for all staff is accumulated at the value entered at the Leave/month prompt.

Labour hours can be reported as booked on the jobcard or you can check "Factored hours". This will result in overtime hours being multiplied by the specific rate factor. The cost and selling price will however not be affected by this selection. The only difference will be in the way that the hours on the jobcard is calculated.

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