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First time in AMO

New users can follow the steps listed below to get started. The program link various files together and it is important that the basic information is recorded beforehand. Make sure that you understand the Data Menu before you attempt to add the new data. It is not required to enter all the data at this stage, but a couple of records in every database will help you to understand the program better. You can always come back to add additional records to the database

Company Profile

Select the company profile option from the Housekeeping|Company Profile|Info menu. Enter your company information in these fields as they will be used on reports generated by the program. You can select the context specific help on Company Profile from this window for detail on all the fields and their meaning.

You can devide all the activities of the company into different divisions. Select this window from House Keeping|Company Profile|Division. Add as many divisions as you require at this stage. Look in Division context specific help for more detail.

Support databases

The next step is to enter support data. You can find all these windows under Transactions|Parts Do this for each of the following:
Foreign Exchange
Freight Company

AMS Database

Next you should add the aircraft information to the database. You will find all the following windows under Maintenance|Aircraft on the main menu. Aircraft acts as the main link between all jobs and customers. Log book reporting is also based on the information in this file.

You are now ready to register the first job, but you will need the staff information before any person can work on a job. The staff windows are available on the Housekeeping|Company Profile menu. Enter your different divisions and add personell to the database. All timesheet entries are linked to a specific activity. These activities can be entered from the Labour menu. Note that activity zero is reserved for jobcard antries and activity 1 is reserved for leave. You can add your own activities to book training, standing time sick leave etc.

It might be worth while to complete these fields while you are busy with the frustrating part of capturing information.

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