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Personell Personell window W516

The personell window contains all personal rates and leave information. Allocate the personell to the relevant divisions. This will allow you to report on the performance of the different divisions.


Two values are calculated for all jobcard entries. The cost aspect is calculated by using two rates a normal rate and an overtime rate. All values entered are multiplied by the rate factor as set in Timesheet Configuration

If your rates are set as:  Normal cost: 50.00  Overtime cost: 40.00  Selling: 80.00 and the rate factors are:  Rate 1: 1.0  Rate 2: 1.5  Rate 3: 2.0 A person working 4 h normal time, 2h @rate 2 and 1h @ rate 1 will produce the following values:  Cost := (4x50.00x1.0) + (2x40.00x1.5) + (1x40.00x2.0)  Selling:=(4x80.00x1.0) + (2x80.00x1.5) + (1x80x2.0)


The Appointed date is used to calculate leave at the days/month as indicated in the Company Profile window. Cycle start indicates the month that the leave cycle starts. Days credit excludes leave days not used in the current cycle.

Capturing time sheets

Select 'Labour-Timesheet-Enter Data'. It will be noticed that the date offered is the previous day. Select the correct technician and entry type (usually 'Jobcard Activities') Enter the Jobcard Item 'ID' from the timesheet and enter the hours allocated. Hours are then added for each defect Normal, Rate1 & Rate 2 will allocate cost as selected in 'Housekeeping' If the defect is new ( the timesheet printout allows for extra items to be added by the technician) press the 'Find Card Item'. Enter a new defect and edit the data as per 'Firstly' above. Copy the new defect or existing ID to window W514 'Add Timesheet'. Enter the correct technician, entry type, hours and press 'Add' Timesheet data may be edited by selecting 'Labour-Timesheet- Edit Timesheet'. Some users create a dummy technician to delete hours rather than under allocate.

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