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The linking of sub contract orders to jobs is an integral part of the AMS32 system which allows close tracking of all out work contracted for aircraft and components on a job.  The 'SubCon' window W513 has now been upgraded to further enhance the management of outwork orders.Subcon Window W513

Add a subcon to an existing job by opening the subcon window from 'Transactions - Subcontract'. Press 'Exit' from the search box.  To add a new sub con order press the blue page on the button bar.  This will add a new order and increment the order number.   The window 'W513' will have opened with the 'Description' tab in view.  Enter the defect to be rectified.  Remember that the printed order and delivery note have a limited length memo field.  Keep the description brief.  Remember to add the component description, part number & serial number.  This data will be shown on the delivery note to aid traceability.  Use additional sub cons for freight etc to establish separation for accounting.  As a rule of thumb if it will raise a separate invoice it probably needs a separate order.  If it is known, add the link to the CRMA type in this tab.

Press the 'Link' tab to link the sub con to a job and a supplier.  Press the 'Supplier' button and select the supplier from the drop down list.  If the job number is known, enter the number.  It is possible to search for the job number by pressing the 'J' button in the  W909 'Subcontract Link' window.  Enter the registration (or company code) in the W901 'Job Search' window and press 'Load'.  A list of open jobs linked to the registration will be displayed.  Double click the desired job and this number will be added to the subcon link.  Press 'OK' in the W909 'Subcontract Link' window.

Searching of subcons may be done by using the arrow button in the button bar.  For selective searching use the 'Filter' system in the 'Link' window.  By default the buttons will search by next order numerically.  Select the 'Current Supplier' filter box to search orders linked to the current supplier.  Select the 'Current Job' filter box to search orders linked to the current Job number

To print and order at this stage press the printer icon in the button bar.  Either preview the document or sent it directly to the printer.  Should the user wish to only print an order (exclude a delivery note), preview the printout and select the printer.  Select  'Print Range - Pages - From 2 to 2' This will only print the second page (order)

Press the Costing tab to add or edit cost associated to the order.  When a suppliers invoice arrives,  enter the rectification info. In the 'Costing' window , add the invoice number and value to the relevant fields.  A warning is generated if a value is added without a rectification being added.  This ensures correct data capture.  The current date will be added but this may be edited to the invoice date if desired.  Selling price is then automatically calculated in accordance with the markup set in 'Preferences'.  (See Flyer 2 - New Install)

Changes,  corrections or editing to the costing  is allowed on the day of capture but requires an audited adjustment (with reason for change) as soon as the system date changes.  Adjustments are not permitted if the job is closed.

A new feature to the subcon system is the addition of component tracking.  Press the 'Handling' tab.  It is now possible to enter and store the outgoing freight company, its waybill and date of shipment.  When the part is returned the incoming freight company, its waybill and date of receipt can be stored.  The user capturing the incoming data is recorded.  In addition the present location of the part can be entered.  This is especially useful in indicating if the part was delivered directly to the aircraft or placed in storage  pending fitting.

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