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Parts Ordering & Receiving

Ensure that a supplier is entered with all the relevant data. Enter name, address, and contact details as well as AMO number and date of expiry.  Enter nature of services supplied to facilitate annual CAA report

To place an order press 'Transactions-Parts-Order'

This will open the order quick find box. If you wish to edit or print an existing order, enter the order number.  If you are entering a new order, press enter and in window W503 press the blue page in the task bar next to the rubbish bin.  This will open a new order.  New orders are allocated consecutive numbers automatically with no input from the used.  Items to be ordered are NOT entered directly to the screen but via the 'Add Item' button. This is to facilitate adding of ID's and descriptions.  Be sure to link the order to a supplier via the 'Supplier' button.  If the source is in a foreign currency, link the exchange rate and change the value if needed.  If the source is local leave the rate as the default.   A note to the supplier may be appended to the order by filling in the 'Note' field.  Press the 'Add Item' button to add a part to the order.  This will bring up the W903 'Part Find' window.  Type in the part number to be ordered.  It will be noticed that  as  the  number is entered, the program will begin to offer the best match in the field called 'Name'.  If the part  offered is correct in the 'Name' field, press 'Use'.  If the part number is not offered, complete the entry of the correct part number and press 'Add'.  This will add the number to the list of part numbers in the database.  'Add' will require entry of the part description, group and bin location.  Press 'Use' to accept the input.  Order item editor will now appear requiring the entry of Unit cost, Quantity and Item units. (Item units will normally be left as 'Each') A reason for ordering which will not appear on the order print out may be entered. This is handy as it allows recording of the job card or aircraft registration for which the item was ordered to be noted.


A part may be deleted from an order only if none have been received into stock. Once a partial receipt of a part ordered has taken place, the part may not be deleted from the order.Further items may be placed on the order which may then be printed for submission to the supplier.

When a part is received from a supplier, together with its paper work, proceed with store's receive as follows.  Press 'Transactions-Parts-Receive'.  This will bring up the W505 'Receive Parts' window.

Either: 1. Press the 'P' and enter the part number. This will bring up a list of orders for the part. Select the correct one by highlighting it with the mouse.
Or: 2. Enter the order number in the order selection field. Press 'Order Items'.  This will bring up a list of orders for the part. Select the correct one by highlighting it with the mouse.

Press 'Order Receive'

Part data may now be entered.  If the serial number is known enter this first.  If the part is not serialised enter the batch number.  If the batch number is not known, press the  '?'  and view the previous batch numbers, if any.  Parts batching is vital for traceability.  Select the supplier from the list already entered into the program and invoice number. Enter the total quantity cost and any additional charges.  Press 'Accept'.

If the selling price is increased as a result of the last entry, the user is prompted to accept the calculated increase. Checking of parts entered in the system may be done by printing parts received between dates from the 'Reporting' menu.

Checking and editing of the inventory may be carried out as follows:
To check parts or parts batches, press 'Transactions-Parts-Edit'. This will bring up the W508 'Store Part' window.  If the part number is the one just entered or worked on it will default in the part number window.  If a different number is to be checked, press 'P' and enter the part number.  Press 'Load' and a list of all batches received will appear in the box.  Select the batch by single clicking with the mouse and the background to it will invert the colour.  Double clicking on the batch will display an info window where all the batch details can be viewed.  If the 'Adjust' button is pressed, the W512 window will appear allowing editing of the part data.  This should be done with great care as indiscriminate editing can cause chaos with the data files.  This function is only available to users with security level 4 and above or specifically by level.  The adjusted input is changed to red.

Remember that traceability can be affected by indiscriminate editing.  Returns to stock should be done via the 'Return' function or direct receive.  Do not use edit to correct stock levels up.  If the 'Split' function is selected in 'Preferences' any quantity will automatically split the batch entry into two entries with no change to the items already issued to closed jobs. The adjustment will only be applicable to the other parts in the batch. It is not recommended to check this option. 

Order Trace

The facility has been included in the program to link part's orders to a Jobcard as with Subcons.

Using the 'Order Trace'

Order tracing is done at part level.  A single order may be placed with  various items for different jobs from the same supplier.

  • Place an order in the normal way. In W504 'Order Item Editor' enter the 'Job Number' in the new field.
  • Select the 'Defect' link from the drop down box -A 'Job Number'  of '0' (default) will always result in the order item being considered as store stock.  No checking will be done in this case. The normal reason field is available for entry if a Job Number is not entered.  If a 'Job ' or 'Defect' is added to the order, the 'Reason' field is not available as the Job number and Defect are stored in this field. The 'Defect ' must be valid and on an open Job. The first 50 characters of the Defect are shown below the 'Card ID' in W504.  This field cannot be edited, but can be scrolled with the cursor to view characters not visible
  • Issue on receipt is automatically enabled for all parts ordered with 'Order Trace'. If the Job is closed prior to receipt, Edit the Order 'Defect ID' in W504 of the order and issue the part.  Changing to '0' will allow receipt into stock.
  • To view parts outstanding on a job, run 'Calculate - Labour'.  Switch off 'Calc Selling' if adjustments have been made to the selling price of any item and select 'No' when asked to recalc selling. Any Parts on order with 'Order Trace' and any SubCon with no value will be listed showing part and order number.  This list may be printed from the 'Text Report W915' window.  General calculate will not show these details as they are single job related. The job must be open unless the quantity received = quantity ordered.
  • To issue a part from stock (ie not ordered specifically), issue in the normal way.  When the part has been issued, the user will be required to enter the 'defect id' to which the part is linked.  To Enable 'Order Trace' in the 'Housekeeping - Preferences' section.  Check the box next to the 'Order Trace' box.

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