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Part Prices

Costing of parts can be done configured by the user in a number of ways.  Each batch is treated separately as far as the cost component goes, but generally the selling price for the specific parts are kept as a store item for all batches with the same part number.

The cost of a specific batch is allocated to the job when issued and the selling price is taken from the store entry.  Parts selling is checked against the store price when a part is received.  If the store price is too low, the user will be prompted to increase the store price.

The default calculation for store or selling price is based on the cost of the batch plus the general part markup percentage as defined in the preferences section of the program.  Calculation is done from three events:

  • When the part is received into the store
  • From the program maintenance calculation option
  • When job costing is done and the batch calculation is requested.

Users can override the selling price of parts manually from the stores window.  Calculation of prices can also be affected by the following factors:

  • Part markup  Users can set the overall part markup in the program preferences section.
  • Changes in the foreign exchange rate.  When a part is purchased in a foreign currency, the current exchange rate will be used when the part costing is recalculated.  This will allow for the event where the local currency weakens against the buying currency.
  • Group factor.  Users can edit the part group data and define a factor to be used for a specific group of parts.  This is used to override the default part markup for a group of parts.
  • List price.  There might be specific parts where you are contracted to sell the part at a specific list price.  This list price can then be entered when a part is received and this will be used to calculate the store price.

Please refer to the calculate section to understand which part will be included in the calculation to determine the selling price.

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