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Jabcards Jobcard window W510

Each job should have one or more jobcard entries linked to the job.  These defects indicate a specific item that requires attention and a rectification will be entered for each defect that can be recorded on the log book.

Tracing - Linking orders and subcontracts

The facility has been included in the program to link part's orders to a jobcard as with Subcons. Using the 'Order Trace' option. Order tracing is done at part level. A single order may be placed with various items for different jobs from the same supplier Place an order in the normal way. In W504 'Order Item Editor' enter the 'Job Number' in the new field. Select the 'Defect' link from the drop down box A 'Job Number' of '0' (default) will always result in the order item being considered as store stock No checking will be done in this case The normal reason field is available for entry if a Job Number is not entered

If a 'Job ' or 'Defect' is added to the order link, the 'Reason' field is not available as the Job number and Defect are stored in this field The 'Defect ' must be valid and on an open Job The first 50 characters of the Defect are shown below the 'Card ID' in W504. This field cannot be edited, but can be scrolled with the cursor to view characters not visible

Issue on receipt is automatically enabled for all parts ordered with 'Order Trace' If the Job is closed prior to receipt, Edit the Order 'Defect ID' in W504 of the order and issue the part. Changing to '0' will allow receipt into stock. To view parts outstanding on a job, run 'Calculate - Labour'. Switch off 'Calc Selling' if adjustments have been made to the selling price of any item and select 'No' when asked to recalc selling. Any Parts on order with 'Order Trace' and any SubCon with no value will be listed showing part and order number. This list may be printed from the 'Text Report W915' window. General calculate will not show these details as they are single job related. The job must be open unless the quantity received = quantity ordered.

To issue a part from stock (ie not ordered specifically), issue in the normal way. When the part has been issued, the user will be required to enter the 'defect id' to which the part is linked. To Enable 'Order Trace' in the Housekeeping - Preferences section. Place a in the 'Order Trace' box.

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