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Aircraft Jobs

Job Window W101
Select from the main menu 'Management-Job'. The normal search window (W900) will appear. Click 'OK' to by-pass it. The Job window W101 will appear. You will by now have noticed that all the windows have the same button selection on the top task bar. For more information on these buttons click here.The first icon will close the current window. Information is saved as soon as the cursor is moved from a specific entry field. The next two icons are to add or delete the current record displayed on the screen. Checks are made to see if the record is linked to other records before it is deleted. Jobs, Orders & Subcons opened in error need not be deleted as they may be re-linked at a later stage. This will also allow for the number allocated not to be lost.

To open a new job, press the blue page. A new job is created and a new id allocated to it. It has been noticed in some applications that if the current job shown in the W101 window is the last job number that the program will complain about file locking. If this occurs, use the arrow key to move the job show one back. Retry the new job function. The program requires that the description field be filled in as well as a link to an aircraft. If an attempt is made to exit the window with out filling in these fields a warning is given. This warning may be by-passed but will re-occur whenever the window shows that particular job.

If the Company has elected to use Divisions as set up in 'Housekeeping', the job may also be linked to a particular division. The job may now have labour, subcontracts and parts allocated to it.

Labour may be added in one of two ways.

    First , a list of defects may be entered as received from the owner or pilot. These will be entered via the 'Maintenence- Jobcard' selection. Press the 'Add Item' button to add defects. These may be edited by using the 'Edit Item' button. If a defect is incorrectly entered it may be deleted. It is suggested that defect and rectification descriptions be kept short to help speed up the program. (Ie don't use one defect entry to describe an entire 80 defect jobcard.) Ensure that the terminology used in the 'Rectification' field is correct as this will appear on the Log Book Entry or C.R.M.A.

    Secondly the defects may be entered from daily time sheets. Print a time sheet for the jobs to be worked on for the day for each technician. These are filled in by each technician and captured the next day.

Time allocated to a job may be viewed or printed by selecting 'Job- Print -Staff Time'. When all labour, subcons & parts have been allocated to a job, the costs should be viewed prior to closing. Statistics may be viewed by pressing 'Stats'. From the 'Job' window W101, select the 'Calculate' button. This will ensure that all prices and charges are correct and up-to -date. (Editing of parts costs and subcon values.) Any selling price adjustments can also now be made to match quotes etc. Select the 'Adjust Selling' button. Prior to closing the job press the 'Build Log Book' button to compile the Log book Entry. Once the job is closed no additions or adjustments may be made to a job with out reopening it. Any reopening is recorded. Documents relating to the job may now be printed for inclusion with an invoice or hard copy storage.

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