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Data calculation and integrity

Calculating data

As parts and labour are added to the program, calculating system values can be used to update job costs and selling prices after manual editing of values. Selling values of closed jobs are not adjusted. Costs on closed jobs will be adjusted when newer cost values are available only if this parameter is set under Housekeeping/Parameters by the system manager with access level 5. Selling values will only be calculated if the specific job allows for this to happen. See the 'Selling calculation' check box on the job window. Selling of labour will not be adjusted by re-calculation Jobs

  • Checking the first three items will recalculate all costs on open jobs.
  • Parts Ordered Checking this option will update the quantities received on orders. An added advantage is that this will allow the user to correct Part numbers that differ on the order from the part number in store. Secondly, damaged store part numbers can be replaced with blanks and the program will allow the option to correct these to the number found in the order file.
  • Leave All leave taken will be updated against the persons name.
  • Usage You must specify two numeric values for this option. Parts usage will be calculated, based on a specific period going back for a selected time. If 6 months and 3 years are entered, usage will be calculated over a 6 month period and averaged over the last 3 years.
  • Stock quantities Stock values in the store will be updated to the actual quantities currently in store as a comparison between parts ordered, parts issued and balance in stock
  • Store prices Checking the store prices option will check and correct all store prices and landed costs of parts currently in stock or if the part was received from the cutoff date provided.  Foreign exchange rate used will always be the maximum of the rate when the part was received and the current default rate for that currency. These updated prices will only show on open jobs after a parts recalculation has been done. Inventory landed costs are also recalculated. Errors smaller than 100.00 are corrected, but larger errors will prompt for correction. Selling prices will be based on the highest price of all items currently in stock, as well as parts received after the cutoff date.  Also look at the section on part costing for more information
  • Job Parts By default when a specific job is calculated the selling price will be determined by the selling price as shown in the store.  There is however an alternative option to check the check box "Batch Store price", part selling will be calculated based on the actual batch cost.  This might be different from the default where the cost of the specific part fluctuated a lot.

Visit our blog for more on-line help and support


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