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Data Menu

Data Menu

The basic data menu is used throughout the program. Understanding this menu will help in useing the program quickly.

The first icon will close the current window. Note that the information is already saved. Information is saved as soon as the cursor is moved from a specific entry field.

The next two icons are to add or delete the current record displayed on the screen. All the required checks will be made to see if the record is linked to other records before it is deleted.
The next group of four icons allows you to move in the database selected. The first and last icon in the group will move to the top or bottom of the file. The two icons in the middle are for moving one record at a time.
The last three icons are used for searching a specific record, printing a report related to the current window and providing help related to the current window.


As the program uses 6 Access levels only those levels allowed to the user as determined by the logon name or computer name will be allowed. Any item not allowed will be highlighted out. The System Manager will be allowed full access to the program and may make any adjustments after loging on with his/her name.

Access level 5 is required to change user access.

Visit our blog for more on-line help and support


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